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Height= H Spread=S



‘Moonshine’ H-24″ S-18″

Gray-green aromatic foliage with light lemony yellow flowers
in July. Grow in average, well-drained soil.

millefolium ‘Paprika’ H-24″ S-18″

Ruby-red flower clusters with golden centers in July.

millefolium ‘Saucy Seduction’(PP22782) H-24–30″ S-18″

Clusters of rose-pink flowers with yellow centers. July-August.
Sturdy upright habit.

millefolium ‘Strawberry Seduction’ (PP18401) H 24-30 S 18”

Strawberry red flowers with yellow centers over robust, gray-green

Above varieties:

#1 pot

ACTAEA (Formerly Cimicifuga)


racemosa (Black Cohosh, Fairy Candle, Bugbane) H-72″ S-24″

Bushy plants with deeply-cut toothed foliage. Bottlebrush-like
white flowers July-August. Wisconsin native.

#1 pot

ramosa ‘Atropurpurea’ (Snakeroot) H-60″ S-36″

White flowers over purple-green deeply cut foliage.

#1 pot

ramosa ‘Brunette’ H-48″ S-36″

Dark purple, deeply cut foliage, a striking contrast to the pinkish-
white flowers in July-August.

#1 pot



‘Chocolate Chip’ H-4″

Dwarf form with narrow, chocolate-colored leaves. Semi-evergreen.
Blue flowers May-June.

reptans ‘Black Scallop’ (PP15815) H-6″

Glossy near-black foliage with deep blue flowers in spring. Semi-evergreen.

reptans ‘Bronze Beauty’ H-6″

Bronze foliage with blue flower spikes in spring. Semi-evergreen.

reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’ H-6″

Pink, white and green variegated foliage. Semi-evergreen.

reptans ‘Silver Queen’ H-6″

Silver-edged foliage with blue flower spikes. Semi-evergreen.

Above Varieties:

2.5″/32 tray


Lady’s Mantle

mollis ‘Thriller’ H-18″ S-24″

Evergreen groundcover with large, rounded, gray-green leaves.
Small yellow flower clusters in June. Prefers moist soil.

#1 pot


Globe Lily

x ‘Millenium’ H-15” S-12”

Compact, upright habit with 2 inch rosy purple globe shaped flowers in July-August.

#1 pot

x ‘Summer Beauty’ H-15″ S-12″

Lavendar-pink globes bloom above mounds of fine green foliage.

#1 pot



x ‘Blue Ice’ H-15″ S-24″

Long blooming, compact selection with dark blue buds and flowers. Blooms
considerably longer than species. Dark green, needle-shaped foliage turns
bright, yellow in fall.

2008 WNA Plant of the Year

#1 pot

hubrichtii H-36″ S-48″

Delicate fine foliage with clusters of steel-blue flowers in early summer.
Beautiful golden fall color!

PPA Plant of the Year 2011

#1 pot


Japanese Anemone

hupehensis ‘September Charm’ H-30″ S-18″

Light pink flowers with yellow centers, September-October.

#1 pot

tomentosa ‘Robustissima’  H-18”  S-15”

Grape-like foliage with mauve pink blooms.

‘Whirlwind’ H-36″ S-24″

Large, semi-double white flowers in September-October.

#1 pot



‘Origami Mix’ H-18″ S-18″

Long blooming variety with large 3″ flowers in blue, pink, red,
white and yellow.

#1 pot


Silver Mound

schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’ H-10″ S-18″

Mounding perennial with fern-like silvery foliage. Prefers well-
drained soil.

#1 pot



aethusifolius (Dwarf Goatsbeard) H-12″ S-18″

Dwarf variety with glossy fern-like foliage and creamy white flowers.

#1 pot

x ‘Misty Lace’ (PP15798)   H-18”  S-24”

Compact form perfect for smaller gardens.   Creamy white plumes atop dark red stems.

#1 pot

diocus ‘Child of Two Worlds‘ H-60″ S-48″

Large, strong growing perennial with creamy white feathery
plumes in June and July. Prefers moist soil.

#1 pot


Wild Ginger

canadense H-8″ (Canadian Wild Ginger)

Carpet-forming deciduous groundcover with heart-shaped green
leaves. Prefers moist, organic, rich soil.

4 1/2” pot


incarnata H-48″ S-24″ (Swamp Milkweed)

Wisconsin native with dusty-pink flowers in June-July. Prefers moist soil.

#l pot

tuberosa H-24″ S-15″ (Butterfly Weed)

Native, orange-flowering plant. Blooms late summer. Needs
dry, sunny location. Nectarous plant (Late to emerge).

2017 PPA Plant of the Year

#1 pot


Michaelmas Daisy

‘Alert’ H-12″ S-18″

Deep-red crimson flowers in fall.

#1 pot

‘Purple Dome’ H-18″ S-18″

Deep purple flowers in fall. Mildew resistant.

#1 pot

‘Wood’s Light Blue’ H-12″ S-18″

Lavender blue flowers. Mildew resistant with long bloom time.

#1 pot

‘Wood’s Pink’ H-12″ S-18″

Yellow-centered clear pink flowers. Mildew resistant with
long bloom time.

#1 pot

‘Wood’s Purple’ H-12″ S-18″

Light purple flowers. Mildew resistant with long bloom time.

#1 pot


False Spirea

Astilbes have lacy foliage with showy flower plumes. They prefer rich,
organic soil with adequate moisture.

arendsii ‘Deutschland’ H-24″ S-20″

White flowers in June and July.

#1 pot

arendsii ‘Fanal’ H-20″ S-20″

Dark red flowers in early summer.

#1 pot

arendsii ‘Glut’ (Glow) H-30″ S-18″

Dark red flowers in early summer.

#1 pot

arendsii ‘Rheinland’ H-24″ S-20″

Pink flowers in June and July.

#1 pot

chinensis ‘Pumila’ H-10″ S-18″ +

Lavender-pink flowers in late summer. Spreading habit.

#1 pot

chinensis ‘Purpurkerze’ (Purple Candles) H-42″ S-36″

Taller variety with glossy dark foliage and lilac purple blooms.

#1 pot

chinensis ‘Visions’ H-15″ S-18″

Bright mauve flowers on compact bronze-green foliage.

WNA Plant of the year 2001

#1 pot

chinensis ‘Visions in Pink’ (PP11860) H-18″ S-24″

Pink flowers with robust blue-green foliage.

#l pot

chinensis ‘Visions in Red’ (PP11965) H-15″ S-18″

Red buds open to purple-red flowers above bronze-green foliage.

#1 pot

chinensis ‘Visions in White’ (PP18965) H-24″ S-28″

White flowers over robust, glossy green leaves.

#1 pot

japonica ‘Montgomery’ H-24″ S-20″

Bright red full plumes. June-July.

#1 pot

‘Peach Blossom’ H-24″ S-20″
Peach-pink blossoms in June.

#1 pot


Blue False Indigo

australis H-36″ S-24″

Showy blue flower spikes above bushy blue-green foliage. Drought tolerant.

PPA Plant of the Year 2010

WNA Plant of the Year 2009

#1 pot

‘Solar Flare’ (PP20408) H-36″ S-24″

Lemon yellow flowers that take on a delicate orange blush as they age.
Floriferous variety with soft blue-green foliage.

#1 pot



cordifolia ‘Winterglut’ (Winterglow) H-12″ S-15″

Large, dark-green, cabbage-like leaves that turn red in fall.
Deep red flowers in late April.

#1 pot


Siberian Bugloss

macrophylla H-12″ S-18″

Large, green, heart-shaped leaves with small, blue forget-me-not
flowers in May-June.

#1 pot

macrophylla ‘Jack Frost’ (PP13859) H-15″ S-18″

Exceptional variety with heart-shaped silver leaves with dark green
veining. Lovely blue flowers May-June.

#1 pot

macrophylla ‘Variegata’ H-12″ S-15″

Same as species with distinctive white border on leaves.

#1 pot

BUDDLEIA davidii

Butterfly Bush

Marginally hardy shrub that freezes back to the ground. Fragrant
flowers attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds.

‘Black Night’ H-60″ S-48″

Dark purple flowers.

‘Pink Delight’ H-60″ S-48″

Pink flowers.

‘Royal Red’ H-60″ S-48″

Wine red flowers.

‘White Profusion’ H-60″ S-48″

White flowers.

Above Varieties:
#2 pot



nepeta ‘Montrose White’ H-18″ S-18″

Clouds of small white flowers float above bushy, aromatic gray-green foliage.

2010 WNA Plant of the year

#1 pot



carpatica ‘Blue Clips’ H- 8″ S-15″

Compact perennial with blue, cup-shaped flowers July-September.

#1 pot

carpatica ‘White Clips’ H-8″ S-15″

White, cup-shaped flowers July-September.

#1 pot

poscharskyana ‘Blue Waterfall’(pp13181) H-12″ S-30″

Deep blue star shaped flowers. Spreading, low growing habit.
Long blooming June-August.

#1 pot



lyonii ‘Hot Lips’ H-30″ S-18″

Rose pink flower clusters above deep green foliage. Red stems for
most of the season. Prefers moist soil.

#1 pot




Big Bang ‘Mercury Rising’ (PP24689)  H-18”  S-24”

Velvety wine red flowers over spreading mounded foliage with high disease resistance.

#1 pot

grandiflora ‘Baby Sun’ H-15″ S-15″

Lance-shaped foliage with golden yellow flowers in June-July.

#1 pot

rosea ‘American Dream’ H-18″ S-18″

Strong growing variety with delicate rosy-pink blooms all summer.

#1 pot

verticillata ‘Crème Brulee’ (pp16096) H-18″ S-24″

Similar flower color and form as ‘Moonbeam’ but more vigorous and
floriferous purported to have improved mildew resistance.

#1 pot

rosea ‘Heaven’s Gate’ (PP16016) H-18″ S-24″

Blush pink daisy-like flowers with rose red eye in June-August.
Forms a vigorous mound of finely divided threadlike foliage.

#1 pot

verticillata ‘Moonbeam’ H-18″ S-18″

Finely divided foliage with yellow flowers all summer.

4 ½” pot and #1 pot

verticillata ‘Zagreb’ H-18″ S-15″

Golden yellow flowers on compact fern-like foliage.

4 ½” pot
#1 pot



elatum ‘Magic Fountains’ Mixed H-24″ S-18″

Dwarf version with shades of blues and white.

#l pot


Cheddar Pinks

alwoodii ‘Frosty Fire’ H-6″ S-10″

Double pure-red blooms explode over grey-blue foliage.

gratianopolitanus ‘Firewitch’ H- 6-8″ S-12″

Bright magenta flowers over mat-forming silvery blue foliage.

2006 PPA Plant of the Year

Above varieties:

#1 pot


Bleeding Heart

x ‘Luxuriant’ H-15″ S-15″

Fern-like foliage with cherry-red flowers from spring to frost.
Tolerates sun and summer heat better than most bleeding hearts.

#1 pot

spectabilis (Old Fashioned) H-30″ S-30″

Pink heart-shaped flowers from May-June. May go dormant in
summer heat.

#1 pot



‘Cleopatra’ (Butterfly Series) (PP24631)  H-18” s-24”

Lovely lemon yellow flowers on sturdy compact plant.

#1 pot

‘‘Hot Papaya’ (PP21022) H-30″ S-18″

Striking red-orange pompom flowers with papaya-orange halo.

#1 pot

‘Pixie Meadowbrite’ (pp18546) H-18″ S-18″

Compact grower with perky rosy-purple flowers.

#1 pot

purpurea ‘Kim’s Knee High’ (pp12242) H-18″ S-18″

Clear pink, slightly drooping flowers on sturdy compact plant.

#1 pot

purpurea ‘Magnus’ H-36″ S-18″

Deep rose-purple non-drooping form.

1998 PPA Plant of the Year

4 ½” pot and
#1 pot

purpurea ‘PowWow™ White’ H-20″ S-18″

Large, white flowers on well-branched, compact plant.

#1 pot

purpurea ‘PowWow™ Wildberry’ H-20″ S-18″

Dark pink flowers on well-branched, compact plant.

#1 pot

purpurea ‘White Swan’ H-24″ S-18″

White flowering variety.

#1 pot

‘Sundown’ (Evan Saul) (pp17659) H-36″ S-18″

Intense orange, fragrant blossoms with brownish central cone on this
vigorous member of the Big Sky™ Series.

#1 pot



fortunei ‘Colorata’ H-12″ (Purpleleaf Wintercreeper)

Glossy, evergreen leaves. Purple winter color. Excellent groundcover.
2.5″/32 tray


Joe Pye Weed

‘Phantom’ (PP18354) H-3-4′ S-48″

Dwarf form with wine-red flowers.

#1 pot

purpureum H-60″ S-48″

Wisconsin native. Rose purple flowers in late summer. Prefers moist
soil conditions. Late to emerge in spring.

#1 pot


Athyrium filix-femina H-24″ S-24″

(Lady Fern)

Vigorous and widely adaptable with lacy fronds.

#1 pot

Athyrium x ‘Ghost’ H- 24″ S-15″

(Ghost Fern)

Showy, silvery-white fronds that age to green.

#l pot

Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’ H-18″ S-18″

(Japanese Painted Fern)

Unique silvery variegation with maroon stalks. Color enhanced
with deeper shade.

2004 PPA Plant of the Year

#1 pot

Adiantum pendatum H-18″ S-18″

(Maidenhair Fern)

Graceful fan-shaped fronds on slender stems.

#1 pot

Matteuccia struthiopteris H-24-60″ S-24″

(Ostrich Fern)

Large, ostrich plume fronds.

#1 pot

Osmunda cinnamonea H-30″ S-30″

(Cinnamon Fern)

Vigorous fern with cinnamon colored spikes rising from the center.
Will tolerate some sun, but must have adequate moisture.

#1 pot

Polystichum acrostichoides H-15″ S-24″

(Christmas Fern)

Semi-evergreen with tapering fronds.

#1 pot


Blanket Flower

‘Fanfare Blaze’ (PPAF) H-12″ S-12″

Stunning reddish-orange fluted flowers. Long bloom season.

#1 pot

‘Goblin’ H-12″ S-12″

Red flowers with yellow margins. Low maintenance and long
bloom season.

#1 pot


Sweet Woodruff

odoratum H-6″

Dainty textured, whorled foliage. Small white flowers in May.
Excellent groundcover for rich, organic soil.

2.5″/32 tray



‘Brookside’ H-15″ S-18″

Deep blue flowers with tiny white eye. Deeply serrated foliage.
Similar to “Johnson’s Blue’ but doesn’t tend to flop as easily.

#1 pot

x cantabrigiense ‘Biokovo’ H-8″ S-12″

Vigorous grower with dainty white flowers with a blush of pink.
Outstanding red-orange fall color.

#1 pot

macrorrhizum ‘Bevan’s Variety’ H-12″ S-24″

Bigroot Geranium
Fragrant foliage with violet pink flowers. Great fall color.

#1 pot

‘Rozanne’ (PP#12175) H-18″ S-24″

Strong growing geranium with violet blue flowers with white eye.
Long blooming with openly mounded foliage.

2008 PPA Plant of the Year

#1 pot

sanguineum ‘Max Frei’ H- 10″ S-18″

Compact foliage with deep magenta flowers throughout
summer. Turns red in fall.
#1 pot

sanguineum ‘Striatum’ H-8″ S-18″

Creeping habit. Light pink flowers with crimson veins.

#1 pot


Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Eldorado’ (PP16486) H-42″ S-24″

Eldorado Reed Grass

Narrow green leaves with bright gold centers

Calamagrostis acutiflora ‘Overdam’ H-30″ S-24″

Overdam Reed Grass

White-edged leaves in compact clumps with pink plumes.

Calamagrostis arundinacea ‘Brachytricha’ H-48″

Korean Feather Grass

Billowy, pink blushed flower spikes in fall over rich green foliage.

Calamagrostis arundinacea ‘Karl Foerster’ H-60″ S-24″

Feather Reed

Vertical habit. Golden flowers in June. Showy buff color in fall
and winter.

2001 PPA Plant of the Year

Carex glauca ‘Blue Zinger’ H-15″ S-24″

Steel blue foliage that makes a great groundcover when planted in mass.

Carex elata ‘Bowles Golden’ H-24″ S-24″ (Zone 5)

Gold Sedge

Moisture loving sedge. Gold foliage with green margin.

Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ H-12″ S-15″

Variegated Japanese Sedge

Striped green and gold foliage with dramatic weeping habit.

Carex morrowii ‘Ice Dance’ H-12″ S-18″ (Zone 5)

Ice Dance Sedge

Wide dark green leaves with creamy white margins. Grows best in
part shade in average to moist soil.

Deschampsia cespitosa H-24″ S-24″

Tufted Hair

Clump forming native with airy silvery seed heads. Will take some shade.

Festuca ovina glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ H-10″ S-12″

Blue Fescue

Highly tufted, deep-blue clump.

Hakonechloa macra ‘Aureola’

Hakone Grass

Slow growing golden yellow foliage streaked with green. Graceful aching habit.

PPA Plant of the Year 2009.

Imperata cylindrical ‘Red Baron’ H-16″ (Zone 5)

Japanese Blood Grass

Warm season grass with vibrant red tinged foliage.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ H-60″ S-36″

Maiden Grass

Narrow delicate green leaves with a graceful arching habit.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Graziella’ H-48-60″ S-36″

Maiden Grass

Similar to ‘Gracillimus’ but earlier blooming. Bronze fall color.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Morning Light’ H-48″ S- 36″

Variegated Maiden

White-edged, finely textured foliage. Compact grower.
Bronze-red flowers in late summer.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Purpurescens’ H-48″ S-30″

Purple Maiden Grass

Clump forming, turns redder as summer progresses. Cottony plumes.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Silberfeder’ H-72″ S-36″

Silver Feather Grass

Upright clump with striking silvery plumes in late summer.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’ H-60″ S-36″

Porcupine Grass

Erect habit with striking yellow horizontal bar variegation.

Panicum virgatum ‘Heavy Metal’ H-42″ S-24″

Heavy Metal Switchgrass

Metallic blue upright foliage.

Panicum virgatum ‘Northwind’ H-72″ S-30″

Northwind Switchgrass

Exceptional plant with stiff upright foliage.

Panicum virgatum ‘Shenandoah’ H-48″ S-24″

Red Switchgrass

Deep green foliage, turns redder as season progresses.

Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ H-24″ S-24″ (Zone 5)

Dwarf Fountain

Compact, clump-forming with arching, green leaves. Foxtail-like
flowers in late summer.

Pennisetum x a. ‘Rubrum’ H-48″ S-36″

Purple Fountain Grass


Rapid grower and prolific bloomer with burgundy
red foliage and flowers. Great for containers. Not hardy in Wisconsin.

Schizachyrium scoparium H-36″ S-18″

Little Bluestem

Wisconsin native. Clump-forming upright habit. Blue-green foliage
that turns bronzy-orange in fall. Grow in rich, well-drained soil.

Schizachyrium scoparium ‘Prairie Blues’ H-36″ S-18″

Prairie Blues Bluestem

Pewter blue ribbon like foliage, silvery seed heads.

Sesleria autumnalis H-16″ S-18″

Autumn Moor Grass

Bright, lime green foliage with frosty white flowers spikes. Clump forming.

Sporobolus heterolepis H-36″ S-36″

Prairie Dropseed

Native, finely textured emerald-green foliage. Golden fall color.

Prefers well-drained soil.

Above varieties:

#1 pot


English Ivy

helix ‘Thorndale’ H-6″

Spreading, evergreen groundcover. One of the hardiest English ivy varieties.

2.5″/32 tray


False Sunflower

helianthoides ‘Summer Sun’ H-42″ S-24″

Large, yellow-orange flowers summer and fall. Prefers moist soil.

#1 pot


Lenten Rose

x hybridus ‘Winter Thrillers™ Mixed’ H-12″ S-15″

Lovely mix of flowers in shades of red, pink, purple, yellow, green
and apricot over glossy evergreen foliage. Blooms March-Apr.

PPA Plant of the Year for 2005

#1 pot



Abbreviation Codes:

E: Early bloomer-June

M: Midseason bloomer-July

L: Late bloomer-August

RE: Usually repeats bloom

DIP: Diploid

TET: Tetraploid


Red with a greenish-yellow throat. 28″ M-DIP

#1 pot

‘Barbara Mitchell’

Ruffled, soft pink with green throat. 20″ M-DIP-RE

Multiple award winner

#l pot

‘Catherine Woodbury’

Light orchid pink with yellow throat. 34″ M-DIP

#1 pot

‘Chicago Apache’

Ruffled, fiery red flowers. 26″ M-TET

#1 pot

‘Chicago Fire’

Striking orange-red flowers with yellow throat. 28″ M-TET

#1 pot

‘Eeny Weenie’

Yellow/green throat. Miniature. 10″ EM-DIP-RE

#1 pot

‘Going Bananas’ (PP17164) PW

Lemon yellow flowers with almost continuous bloom. 18″ M-DIP-RE.

#1 pot

‘Happy Returns’

Lemon- yellow ever-bloomer. 18″ E-DIP-RE

#1 pot


Lemon- yellow. 40″ M-DIP

#1 pot

‘Joan Senior’

Striking, near-white flowers with green throat. 24″ M-DIP

#1 pot

‘Little Grapette’

Grape-purple with green throat. 24″ M-DIP

#1 pot

‘Little Wine Cup’

Wine-red. 24″ EM-DIP-RE

#1 pot

‘Pardon Me’

Miniature cranberry-red.
18″ M-DIP-RE

#1 pot

‘Red Hot Returns’ (PP13499)

Cherry-red everbloomer with bright yellow halo. 24″ EM-DIP-EV

#1 pot

‘Rosy Returns’ (PP9779)

Rosy- pink with darker eye. Ever-blooming. 18″ EV-DIP

#1 pot

‘Ruffled Pastel Cheers’

Taller variety with frilly, fragrant, pastel yellow blooms with peachy pink blush. 34” M-TET.

#1 pot

‘Stella de Oro’

Golden-yellow ever-bloomer. 18: EV-DIP

4 ½” and #1 pot

‘Strawberry Candy’

Strawberry pink with red eye and green throat. 26″ EM-RE-TET

#1 pot

‘Summer Wine’

Violet- purple, slightly ruffled. 24″ M-DIP

#1 pot



‘Berry Smoothie’ (PP21871) H-12” S-15”

Lovely rose-pink foliage with metallic sheen.

#1 pot

‘Caramel’ (PP16560) H-12″ S-15″

Vigorous grower with yellow-orange leaves with purple undersides.

#1 pot

‘Citronelle’ (pp17934) H-12″ S-15″

Vivid lime-yellow foliage with white flower spikes.

#1 pot

‘Georgia Peach’ (PP19375) H-12″ S-18″

Lovely red veined peach foliage with light silver overlay.

#1 pot

‘Green Spice’ H-12″ S-15″

Tri-colored green, silver and burgundy foliage.
Red-orange fall color.

#1 pot

‘Midnight Rose’ (pp18551) H-12″ S-15″

Purple-black leaves splashed with hot pink spots in spring, that fade
to light pink as the season progresses.

#1 pot

‘Obsidian’ (PP14836) H-12″ S-18″

Deep, purple black foliage. Purple buds opening to cream flowers.

#1 pot

‘Plum Pudding’ H-8″ S-15″

Plum purple foliage with silvery highlights.

#1 pot

‘Silver Scrolls’ (PPAF) H-10″ S-15″

Silver metallic looking foliage with purple veining. Light pink flowers.

#1 pot

micrantha ‘Palace Purple’ H-18″ S-15″

Bronze-red, mounded foliage and small, white flowers in late spring.

#1 pot


Plantain Lily

‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ H-18″

Dark, blue green seersucker leaves display unique cupped form.
White flowers.
#1 pot

‘August Moon’ H-20″ S-42″

Rounded, large, yellow leaves. Pale lavender flowers.

#1 pot

fortunei ‘Aureo Marginata’ H- 20″ S-42″

Dark green leaves with distinct gold edge. Lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Big Daddy’ H-24″ S-42″

Deep blue leaves with white flowers.

#1 pot

‘Blue Angel’ H-36″ S-48″

Large heavily-textured blue-green leaves form a huge mound.
White flowers.

#1 pot

‘Blue Mouse Ears’ H-8″ S-12″

Miniature hosta with nearly round blue-green leaves. Forms a
low tight mound with clusters of attractive pale purple flowers.

#1 pot

‘Earth Angel’ H-26″ S-48″

Large, heavily textured blue-green leaves with wide yellow margin.
Forms a huge mound. White flowers. Excellent specimen plant.

American Hosta Growers Assoc. 2009 Hosta of the Year

#1 pot

‘Fire and Ice’ H-14″ S-24″

Pure white leaves with deep green margins. Lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Francee’ H-18″ S-30″

Rich green leaves with narrow white margins. Lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Gold Standard’ H-20″ S-48″

Light green leaves in spring turning gold with light green margins
by summer. Lilac Flowers.

#1 pot

‘Golden Tiara’ H-15″ S-24″

Heart-shaped medium green leaves with wide chartreuse margin.

#1 pot

‘Guacamole’ H-18″ S-42″

Chartreuse leaves with wide green margin. Large, fragrant, white
flowers in late summer.

#1 pot

‘Halcyon’ H-18″ S-30″

Very blue, heavily textured foliage. Pale lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘June’ H-15″ S-42″

Blue-green leaves with golden centers. Sport of ‘Halcyon’ with
pale lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Krossa Regal’ H-40″ S-48″

Frosty blue, upright foliage. Lavender flowers up to 5 feet.

#1 pot

‘Maui Buttercups’ H-12″

Smaller variety with bright gold, cupped foliage. Near white flowers.

#1 pot

montana ‘Aureo marginata’ H-24″ S-48″

Huge, pointed leaves with wide yellow margins. White flowers.

#1 pot

‘Patriot’ H-18″ S-24″

Rich green leaves with wide, white margins. Lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Praying Hands’H-18″ S-24″

Unique narrow, upright, gold-edged foliage, folded to resemble
hands in prayer. Collector’s item!

#1 pot

‘Royal Standard’ H-24″ S-36″

Large, green leaves, fragrant white flowers. Performs well in sun.

#1 pot

sieboldiana ‘Elegans’ (Blue Giant) H-24″ S-48″

Broad, blue-gray, puckered leaves with white flowers.

4 ½” pot and #1 pot

sieboldiana ‘Frances Williams’ H-30″ S-36″

Blue-green leaves with wide golden border. White flowers.

4 ½” pot and #1 pot

sieboldiana ‘Great Expectations’ H-24″ S-48″

Irregular, blue-green foliage with creamy yellow centers.
White flowers.

#1 pot

‘Sum and Substance’ H-36″ S-54″

Huge chartreuse green, waxy leaves. Lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Sun Power’ H-24″ S-48″

Large hosta with heart-shaped wavy, golden leaves.

#1 pot

undulata ‘Albo Marginata’ H-15″ S-30″

Large green leaves with white margins. Lavender flowers.

#1 pot

‘Wide Brim’ H-18″ S-36″

Medium sized leaves with irregular margins of creamy white.

#1 pot

IRIS pallida

Variegated Sweet Iris

‘Albo Variegata’ H-24″ S-15″

Striking green and white variegated foliage with lavender flowers in June.

#1 pot

IRIS sibirica

Siberian Iris

Narrow, green, erect foliage. Medium size beardless flowers. Does best in
moist, well-drained soil. Good as a specimen plant or in mass groupings.

‘Butter and Sugar’ H-30″ S-18″

Creamy white flowers with butter-yellow falls.

‘Caesar’s Brother’ H-36″ S-18″

Robust grower with deep purple flowers.

‘Silver Edge’ H-30″ S-18″

Rich purple flowers edged in silver.

‘White Swirl’ H-36″ S-18″

Snowy white flowers.

Above varieties:

#1 pot


Yellow Archangel

galeobdolon ‘Florentinum’ H-8″

A versatile vining groundcover. Green foliage splashed with silver.
Yellow flowers in spring.

2.5″/32 tray

galeobdolon ‘Herman’s Pride’ H-10″ S-12″

Green leaves splashed with silver. Mounding habit. Yellow flowers
in spring.

4 ½” pot


Spotted Dead Nettle

‘Orchid Frost’ (PP11122) H-6″

Silvery white leaves with green margins. Orchid pink flowers.
One of the more disease resistant Lamium varieties.

2.5″/32 tray

‘Red Nancy’ H-6″

Similar to ‘White Nancy’ with a rosy-pink flower in May-June.

2.5″/32 tray

‘Shell Pink’ H-6″

Green leaves with silvery-center stripe. Soft pink flowers.

2.5″/32 tray

‘White Nancy’ H-6″

Silver-white leaves with green margin. White flowers. Sensitive
to over-watering.

2.5″/32 tray



augustifolia ‘Munstead Strain’ H-12″ S-15″

Rich lavender flower spikes all summer long on compact, gray-green
foliage. Thought to be one of the hardiest lavenders.

#1 pot

LEUCANTHEMUM (Chrysanthemum)

Shasta Daisy

superbum ‘Alaska’ H-20″ S-18″

Large, single, daisy-like white flowers in June-July.

‘Becky’ H-30″ S-18″

Excellent performer. Large, single, white flowers on sturdy foliage.

PPA Plant of the Year for 2003

superbum ‘Snowcap’ H-15″ S-15″

Sturdy, compact variety. Single, white daisy-like flowers.

x ‘Banana Cream’ PW (pp23181) H-18” S-24”

Four inch bright yellow blooms that soften to pale yellow. Vigorous,
compact foliage. Blooms July-August.

Above varieties:

#1 pot


Blazing Star, Gayfeather

spicata ‘Floristan White’ H-30″ S-18″

White flower spikes over grass-like foliage.

#1 pot

spicata ‘Kobold’ H-18″ S-18″

Original “Kobold’ selection raised from divisions, not seeds. More
compact form than the seed grown variety. Rosy lavender blooms.

#1 pot



dentata ‘Desdemona’ H-36″ S-36″

Huge, bronzy, leathery leaves with purple undersides. Golden
daisy-like flowers in July-August. Avoid afternoon sun.

#1 pot

dentata ‘Britt-Marie Crawford’ (PP16113) H-42″ S-36″

Glossy chocolate-purple leaves with bright purple undersides. Clusters
of orange daisy-like flowers on purplish-black stems

#1 pot

stenocephala ‘Little Rocket’ H-36″ S-30″

Very nice dwarf form of Ligularia ‘The Rocket’.

#1 pot

stenocephala ‘The Rocket’ H-60″ S-30″

Heart-shaped, foot- long leaves with yellow flowers July-August.
Requires rich moist soil.

#1 pot


Stargazer Oriental Lily

x ‘Stargazer’ H-24″ S-12″

Oriental type. Crimson flowers with white edges and plenty of freckles!

#1 pot


Creeping Lilyturf

spicata H-10″ S-12″

Grass-like groundcover with lavender blue flower spikes, August-Sept.

4 ½” pot


Cardinal Flower

cardinalis H-36-48″ S-18″

Wisconsin native with tall red flower spikes in late summer.
Prefers, moisture rich soil.

#1 pot


Bee Balm

‘Fireball’ (PP14235) H-18″ S-18″

Compact, mildew resistant variety with ruby red flowers July-Aug.

#1 pot

‘Grand Marshall’™ (PP19582) H-24″ S-18″

Fuchsia-purple flowers over compact, mildew resistant foliage.

#1 pot

‘Jacob Cline’ H-30″ S-18″+

One of the best red monardas, similar to ‘Gardenview Scarlet’,
but with even better mildew resistance.

#1 pot

‘Marshall’s Delight’ H-36″ S-18″+

Mildew resistant foliage with pink flowers in summer.

#1 pot

‘Petite Delight’ (PP10784) H-12″ S-15″+

Dwarf monarda that is highly mildew resistant, with dark green
foliage and lavender-rose flowers.

#1 pot

‘Petite Wonder’ (PP13149) H-12″ S-15″+

Dwarf variety with bright true pink flowers. Highly mildew resistant.

#1 pot

‘Raspberry Wine’ H-36″ S-18″+

Buds resembling raspberries open to reveal raspberry-red flowers.
Very mildew resistant.

#1 pot



faassenii ‘Blue Wonder’ H-12-15″ S-15-18″

Compact mat of gray-green foliage covered with deep blue flowers.

#1 pot

faassenii ‘Dropmore’ H-12″ S-18″

Shorter more compact variety with gray-blue foliage and lavender

#1 pot

faassenii ‘Purrsian Blue’ (pp24788) H-15” S-18-20”

Highly floriferous compact form with long bloom time.
Periwinkle flowers with dark purple calyxes.

#1 pot

faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’ H-18″ S-24″

Aromatic, gray-green foliage with bluish- purple flowers in July.

2007 PPA Plant of the Year

4 ½” pot and #1 pot


Japanese Spurge

terminalis ‘Green Carpet’ H-6″

This cultivar is more compact and has a more uniform height and
foliage that is deeper green and more lustrous.

2.5″/32 tray



‘Duchess de Nemours’ H- 38″ S-24″

Double-white ivory flowers blooming in June.

‘Karl Rosenfield’ H-36″ S-24″

Double crimson flowers in June.

‘Krinkled White’ H-36″ S-24″

Single, snow-white crinkled petals.

‘Sara Bernhardt’ H-36″ S-24″

Double apple-blossom pink flowers in June.

‘Scarlett O’Hara’ H-36″ S-24″

Single, scarlet red flowers with yellow stamens.

‘Shirley Temple’ H-36″ S-24″

Buds open with delicate pink blush with flowers fading to pure white
as they age, giving the plant a beautiful, multi-tonal effect.

Above varieties:

#1 pot



digitalis ‘Husker Red’ H-30″ S-15″

Rich, bronze-red foliage with white flowers in June.

1996 PPA Plant of the Year

#1 pot

‘Dark Towers’ (PP20013) H-36″ S-24″

Dark, wine purple foliage and lavender pink blooms.

#1 pot


Russian Sage

atriplicifolia H-48″ S-36″

Semi-wooded stems that produce soft blue flowers mid-late summer.

#1 pot

‘Little Spire‘ (PP11643) H-24″ S-18″

Shorter cultivar with upright habit that leans less in the landscape.
Lavender flowers, silvery foliage. Late to break dormancy.

#1 pot

x ‘Longin’ H-36″ S-18″

More upright growth habit than atriplicifolia.

#1 pot

PHLOX divaricata

Woodland Phlox

‘Blue Moon’ H-12″ S-12″

Postrate mat of loose dark green foliage. Clusters of blue flowers in summer.

#1 pot

PHLOX paniculata

Tall Garden Phlox

Traditional garden plant with fragrant, showy flowers.

‘Bright Eyes’ H-36″ S-18″

Clear pink with red eye. Mildew resistant.

‘David’ H-42″ S-24″

White, very fragrant flowers. Very mildew resistant.

‘David’s Lavender’ (PP17793) H-42″ S-24″

Lavender-pink sport of ‘David’. Very mildew resistant.

‘Eva Cullum’  H-30”   S-24”

Mildew resistnat variety with clear pink flowers.

FLAME Series Red PPAF H-15-18” S-18”

Compact variety with intense red blooms. Good disease resistance.

FLAME Series Purple (PP12605) H-15-18” S-18”

Compact with rich purple flowers with darker eye. Good disease resistance.

‘Katherine’ H-36″ S-18″

Long blooming lavender with white eye. Highly mildew

‘Laura’ H-42″ S-24″

Purple flowers with white eye. Mildew resistant.

‘Orange Perfection’  H-24”  S-24”

Well branched clusters of long blooming coral orange flowers.

‘Starfire’ H-36″ S-18″

Crimson-red flowers against deep green foliage.

Above varieties:

#1 pot

PHLOX subulata

Creeping Phlox

Creeping perennial with masses of tiny flowers in spring. Leaves
are needle-shaped and evergreen.

‘Atropurpurea’ H-4-6″

Wine-red flowers.

‘Blue Emerald’ H-4-6″

Compact, long flowering blue.

‘Candy Stripes’ H-4-6″

Pink and white striped flowers.

‘Emerald Pink’ H-4-6″

Compact, with rose-pink flowers.

‘Snowflake’ H-4-6″

Pure white with medium green foliage.

Above Varieties:

4 ½” pot


Obedient Plant

virginiana ‘Miss Manners’ (PP12637) H-15″ S-15″

Clump forming, deep green glossy foliage with pure white, snapdragon-like
flowers from June to September.

#1 pot

virginiana ‘Pink Manners’ (PP23482)  H-30-36”  S-18”

Upright clump forming habit with delicate pink flowers.

#1 pot

virginiana ‘Vivid’ H-24″ S-24-30″

Deep pink snapdragon-like flowers in July-August with vigorous upright foliage.

#1 pot


Balloon Flower

Interesting balloon-like buds that open into bell-shaped flowers in
early summer. Clump forming with blueish-green foliage. Relatively
pest and disease free. Late to emerge.

‘Sentimental Blue’ H-8″ S-12″

Compact variety with large blue flowers.

#1 pot


Solomon Seal

falcatum ‘Variegatum’ H-18″ S-18″++

Soft green variegated leaves on arching stems. White flowers in
May-June. Prefers moist woodland setting.

2004 WNA Plant of the Year

#1 pot



‘Raspberry Splash’ (PP12138) H-12″ S-24″

Large clusters of raspberry pink flowers that age to lilac purple.
Silver spotted dark green foliage.

#1 pot

longifolia ‘Bertram Anderson’ H-12″ S-15″

Narrow, spotted foliage with dark blue flowers in early spring.

#1 pot

saccharata ‘Mrs. Moon’ H-12″ S-15″

Silvery, spotted leaves with pink flowers that fade to blue.

#1 pot


Black-Eyed Susan

fulgida ‘Goldsturm’ H-24″ S-18″

Exceptional, easy to grow perennial, with attractive, dark
green foliage. Golden, daisy-like flowers with black cone
from July to September.

1999 PPA Plant of the Year

4 ½” pot and
#1 pot

fulgida var. fulgida H-24″ S-18″

Smaller flowers and finer textured than ‘Goldsturm’ with much longer
flowering season.

#1 pot

fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Little Goldstar’

(PP22397) H-16″ S-18″

Short bushy clump. Well branched and very floriferous.

#1 pot

fulgida ‘Viette’s Little Suzy’ (PP8867) H-16″ S-18″

Showy dwarf variety similar to ‘Goldsturm’. Disease resistant.

#1 pot


Meadow Sage

‘April Night’ PPAF H-12-14” S-15”

Vivid blue flower spikes on sturdy upright foliage. Petite variety that blooms
nearly a month before ‘May Night’ for extended interest.

nemerosa ‘Caradonna’ H-24″ S-15″

Erect, dark purple stems set off the blue-violet flowers.

#1 pot

nemerosa ‘East Friesland’ H-18″ S-15″

Violet purple flower spikes over compact, nicely mounded foliage.

#1 pot

nemerosa ‘May Night’ (‘Mainacht’) H-18″ S-15″

Deep purple flower spikes in June-July. Excellent, compact,
long flowering variety.

1997 PPA Plant of the Year

#1 pot

nemerosa ‘Deep Sensation Rose’ (PP18230) H-12″ S-15″

Compact, well-branched plant with rose pink flower spikes.

#1 pot

nemerosa ‘Snowhill’ (Schneehugel) H-18″ S-15″

Lovely white flowering form.

#1 pot



Fleshy-leaved plants that perform well in hot, dry locations.

acre H-3″

Yellow flowers in spring. Excellent low groundcover.

2.5″/32 tray

album ‘Coral Carpet’ H-5-6″

Foliage has reddish-purple tinge in spring and fall. White
flowers in June.

2.5″/32 tray

‘Autumn Fire’ H-24″ S-18″

Improved form of S. ‘Autumn Joy’ with fuller, longer lasting flower
clusters. Thick gray-green stems.

#1 pot

‘Autumn Joy’ H-24″ S-18″

Upright sedum with bronze-red flowers from August-frost.

#1 pot

kamtschaticum H-6″

Rich green, scalloped foliage with orange-yellow flowers in July.

2.5″/32 tray

kamtschaticum ‘Variegatum’ H-6″

Similar to kamtschaticum, but with white variegated foliage.

2.5″/32 tray

x ‘Matrona’ H-24″ S-18″

Bluish-green upright foliage with rosy-pink edges and
reddish stems. Pink flowers summer through fall.

#1 pot

rupestre ‘Angelina’ H-8″

Vigorous chartreuse needle-like foliage that turns rich orange in fall.

4 ½” pot

spectabile ‘Brilliant’ H-24″ S-18″

Similar to ‘Autumn Joy’ with lighter foliage and bright pink flowers.

#1 pot

spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’ H-4″

Bronze-green leaves with carmine-red flowers in June.

2.5″/32tray and 4 ½” pot

spurium ‘Fuldaglut’ (Fireglow) H-4″

Reddish foliage with reddish-pink flowers in June-July.

4.5″ pot

x ‘Vera Jameson’ H-10″

Succulent purple foliage with arching stems and pink flowers in fall.

4 ½” pot and #1 pot


Blue-Eyed Grass

augustifolium ‘Lucerne’ H-10″ S-10″

Charming bright purple-blue star shaped flowers top dark green
grass-like foliage. Long blooming May-July.

WNA Plant of the Year 2013

#1 pot



rugosa ‘Fireworks’ H-36″ S-36″

Clump-forming habit with radiating yellow flowers resembling

WNA Perennial Plant of the Year 2003

#2 pot


Lamb’s Ears

byzantina ‘Helene von Stein’ (Big Ears) H-15″ S-24″

forming variety with larger leaves. Holds up better in summer heat.

#1 pot

monieri ‘Hummelo’ H-18″ S-15″

Trouble-free clumps of green textured foliage with showy rose-purple
flower spikes in June-August.

WNA Plant of the Year 2011

#1 pot

officinalis ‘Pink Cotton Candy’ (PP21436) H-15″ S-15″

Like ‘Hummelo’ with cotton candy pink flowers spikes.

#1 pot



praecox ‘Coccineus’ H- 3″ (Red Creeping)

Crimson flowered creeper that blooms during spring and summer.
Good drainage a must.

pseudolanuginosis H-3″ (Wooly Thyme)

A mat of wooly, gray foliage. Pink flowers in early summer.
Full sun and good drainage a must.

serpyllum H-6″ (Mother of Thyme)

Evergreen, aromatic foliage. Small purple flowers from late spring
through summer.

Above varieties:

4 ½” pot



‘Elizabeth Oliver’ H-10″ S-15″

Slow spreading clumps of deeply lobed leaves with red markings. Light
pink flowers April-May.

#1 pot



‘Giles van Hees’  H-10”  S-15”

Very compact variety with bright pink flower spikes.

#1 pot

longifolia ‘First Lady’ (PPAF) H-20″ S-18″

Sturdy white flower spikes on compact plant.

#1 pot

longifolia ‘First Love’ (PPAF) H-20″ S-18″

Floriferous compact plant with short, dark-pink flower spikes.

#1 pot

spicata ‘Red Fox’ H-12″ S-15″

Upright, clump-forming foliage with red flowers on tapering stems.

#1 pot

spicata ‘Royal Candles’ (pp18932) H-15″ S-15″

Attractive upright habit. Deep green foliage with violet-blue
flowers in early summer. Foliage remains attractive throughout

#1 pot

‘Sunny Border Blue’ H-18″ S-15″

Vivid, dark violet-blue spikes throughout summer. Deadhead
spent flowers to increase bloom time.

#1 pot

‘Waterperry Blue’ H-6″ S-12″

Good groundcover. Tiny, light blue, star-shaped flowers over
mat-forming green foliage.

#1 pot

‘Whitewater’  (PP22783)  H-4-6”  s-18”

Dense foliage carpet sprinkled with small star shaped white flowers in June.

#1 pot


Periwinkle, Myrtle

minor ‘Bowles’ H-6″

Flowers are deeper blue and more prolific than species.



Barren Strawberry

ternata H-8″
Evergreen, mat-forming, strawberry-like foliage with yellow,
buttercup-like flowers in May and June.

4 ½” pot